We are Ozmé Deimos aka ozmthole. Part dog/demon/dragon/goblin, we physically exist as an enby girl thing. It/Its/She/Her. We live in the Pacific Northwest.
Our flesh was brought into this world 28 years ago. Our actual life started a little over two years ago.
We are active on Twitter.
You can contact us at ozmthole@protonmail.com or through a Twitter DM.
Other accounts are below. If we know each other (e.g., Twitter mutuals), feel free to add us.
We don't update this page as much as we'd like to. We're trying to get better at that.

Discord - ozmthole#1053
Switch FC - SW-2176-7375-1128

UPDATE 08/26/2020: Added a poetry page with my most recent poem. I'll be adding some old stuff eventually, and new poems will end up here too.
I'm very hit-or-miss when it comes to naming anything. The names I assign very rarely relate to the content of the piece. "soup4slutzvol2" just sounded sounded good to say.